Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Key to Understanding Obama

Go ahead and watch Obama operate. Hear his speeches. Read his proposals. Listen to his press-conferences--AKA molologues where the only role of the press is to tee up The One's next point and to propel it towards the firmament.

If you analyze Obama's actions and words carefully, you will notice something--an underlying thread that weaves together the fabric of his life. In other words, this "something" is the key to understand everything the man does, has done or will ever do.

And this "something" is investment in his own political capital for power's sake.

Sure, he's an ideologue. But since left-wing ideology also aims at the accumulation of power through political capital, the two things are identical--and, if anything, compounding themselves like an explosive chemical.

Here's a fantastic example of this--fantastic only in the sense that if it wasn't actually happening, I would hardly believe it if I read it in a cheap pulp-fiction novel.

The economy is truly, objectively sick. People, real people are suffering. Mothers, fathers, workers with bills to pay and kids to educate, the sort of people that this machiavellian Lord would parade on his stage while campaigning, using their individual stories of suffering as interchangeable means to achieving his summum bonum.

Families are incapable of planning even short-term, since breadwinners are liable to be part of the next wave of layoffs--a wave that has already swept away tens of thousands in less than the first month of 2009 after killing over 2,300,000 jobs in 2008.

Uncertainty is becoming a catch-22, in which companies don't invest because customers may not spend, and in which customers don't spend because companies may not invest in their next paycheck.

If there was ever a situation in which a hero on a white horse really has an opportunity to save the day, this is it. And Obama could indeed be The One. The One to finally chalk up an accomplishment on his resume, but an accomplishment that would dwarf, even if alone, the whole political careers of many good men and women.

And this wouldn't require much. As with all works of true genius, the solution would be extremely simple. Let companies and individuals keep more of their money--which is their private property after all (and I do wish Conservative pundits would start making this link). Cash-flows would improve in short order, and the financial squeeze in which they find themselves now would gradually melt away with new investments that will bear returns and new paychecks that will bear good work. Customers would spend, breaking the vicious cycle of fear in which we are now, and all would gradually return to normal.

But Obama is not interested in solving things. Or he would be if it was the only or the most direct way to invest in political capital. Long term. This means, before fixing the problem, he has to be laying the groundwork for him and his party to retain power. Paraphrasing his detestable chief of staff, this may involve some pretty radical moves, so it is much easier to effect while a massive crisis is underway.

This is why his "Stimulus Package" is nothing but a laundry list of pet-pork projects going to the left's key constituencies. Oh, yes, they are all there. The NEA. ACORN. The Teachers' union. The pro-aborts. The global-warming tinfoil-hat crowd. You get the idea. The only difference between this round of pork and any other is that this will cost the American taxpayer 3 TRILLION dollars.

Any thinking person with enough curiosity to Google things that matter will easily find out what's in this proposed bill. And he will ask himself: just HOW is about 75% of this going to create a single job, stimulate the economy and help ailing businesses? The answer is "in no way at all," since this is simply not the purpose of the bill.

Remember: the only investment Obama cares about is on political capital. The only decisions he'll ever make will be political--just like he's done to this point. And this bill is nothing but the most massive investment in political capital in history--not just US, but World. It is nothing but the groundwork for the left (and Obama) to retain power through the next election. And the next one after that. And...

Let's hope and pray that someone will be there to oppose him.